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2019’s Business Travel Roundup

2019 has seen a number of emerging trends in the business travel world, with increased importance placed on companies being environmentally-friendly and adopting sustainable practices.

See our round-up of some of this year’s biggest business travel trends and how they can impact your business, here:

#1 Long-Distance Flights 

Aviation company Qantas recently broke the record for the longest commercial flight ever. Passengers were transported from New York to Sydney non-stop in a journey that lasted over 19 hours. The move means that with increased transatlantic flight destinations, more cities can now be connected globally – helping the corporate world thrive in building relationships with international companies. Don’t forget, you can organise hassle-free airport transfers, helping your team and clients move smoothly between destinations after long-haul flights.

#2 Uber Comes Under Scrutiny

Uber has faced a year of challenges from local government authorities and scrutiny from the media. Everything has come under fire – from their safety policies and employee rights, to their impact on competitor markets and surge prices in times of emergencies. In the face of these scandals many businesses are choosing to no longer use their services, instead focussing on trusted services like private transport and chauffeured solutions.

#3 Sustainability

Sustainability and eco-friendly commitments are becoming a huge focus of the corporate world. Companies now have a responsibility to show they’re moving towards sustainability – and this can have an impact on their business travel policies. Ride sharing is a popular way of becoming more eco-conscious, by saving multiple trips. Private chauffeured solutions offer multiple pick-up and drop-off points for your passengers, allowing you to combine various journeys into one.

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