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4 Top Trends For Business Travellers in 2018

If you are a business traveller, you’re sure to know that there are some trends on the rise. As with all types of travel, there are a few key things that are proving to be very popular among business travellers in 2018. Gone are the days of complex travel arrangements and boring business trips, now it’s all about smart technology and travel management companies. So, what are you top trends for business travellers in 2018?

Business Traveller Trends to Watch Out For

Travel Management Companies – There are a number of fantastic travel management companies out there, which is great news for a business traveller. By using a travel management company, a business traveller can hand over the responsibility of booking all aspects of travel to a team of skilled experts. Plus, it’s a great way to benefit from industry discounts and inside knowledge.

Embracing Travel Flexibility – In 2018, a lot more business travellers are embracing travel flexibility. Rather than planning business trips months in advance, more business travellers are making arrangements at the last minute. This flexibility can also be seen when looking at accomodation, with many business travellers swapping their trusted hotels for Airbnbs properties and unique places to stay.

Smart Technology and Mobile Apps – More business travellers than ever are using smart technology and mobile apps to manage their travel arrangements, something that is continuing to increase throughout the year. A lot of business travel bookings can be done via smartphone apps, making the entire process of arranging a business trip an awful lot easier and quicker. Business travellers can now benefit from a lot of the same online tools that those travelling for leisure already use.

Combining Business With Pleasure – With so many beautiful cities to see, it’s no wonder that many business travellers are now combining business with pleasure. Rather than simply heading off on a business trip and not seeing any of a fantastic city, business travellers are now using their holiday days to extend their trip. This gives them time to check out the main sights and points of interest.

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