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5 Top Cities For Business Travel

If you’re constantly travelling for business, you’ll know that it can sometimes be overwhelming when it comes to finding your bearings in a big city. From airport transfers to commuting through the city, when it comes to planning your business trip it’s good to know which cities do it best. We’ve put together a definitive list of the 5 top cities for business travel.


New research has shown that London is widely regarded as the most business-friendly city in Europe. There’s a feeling of vibrancy and culture that so many of London’s visitors love. The city offers a slick global hub, superbly connected for easy business travel. There are three main airports, all of which offer executive airport transfers available 24 hours a day.

There is a huge variety of fantastic hotels on every street of the city with excellent local transport links. The London Underground is superb and can get you within walking distance of pretty much anywhere you need to go. If you’d like to travel in style while on your trip, there’s a variety of executive chauffeur options with Midlux Chauffeurs available.


As the business capital of Spain, approximately five million corporate travellers make their way to Madrid every year. The city is the base for 90% of Spain’s companies, making it a central hub for business travel. Its global location is key as the city is strategically located for international events, meetings and conferences that require direct access from places such as Africa, America, UK, Canada & Asia.

Madrid Airport has direct flights from many UK & U.S cities. English is the second language in Madrid and is widely spoken by the majority of locals – easing the stress of travelling in a different country for many executives.


Despite not being as renowned as London, Madrid or New York, Amsterdam is still a major destination when it comes to business travel. The city boasts an impressive high speed rail network which gives travellers quick access to major destinations such as Berlin, Brussels, London, Paris & Madrid.

With a flight time of just over an hour from London Heathrow to Schiphol Airport, the city is easily accessible for executives. Staying online and keeping productive whilst travelling is no problem in Amsterdam, with the highest level of broadband penetration in Europe – as well as being home to the largest data hub in the World, the Amsterdam Exchange.

#New York

This iconic city is still regarded as the world’s most popular destination for business travel. Home to some of the biggest financial institutions and media corporations in the world, New York has three large international airports that charter flights to most parts of the world. Flights are available between New York and London in between just 8 and 10 hours, making it easy to reach for executives in the UK.

Public transport availability in New York is famous for many reasons. From being able to hail a cab within minutes, to the well connected New York Subway System, you’ll find it easy to get around the city.


You might think it’s a surprising addition to our list but Scotland’s capital is a bustling hive of activity and a real business boomer, making it one of the top destinations for business travel.

From budget to luxury, there is a huge selection of hotels to suit your needs. For travel to and from Edinburgh there is Edinburgh Airport, which has flights to a variety of major cities around the world. Whilst travelling in Edinburgh you can take advantage of its quick and easy tram system which has frequent links to both the airport and the train station. Whilst in Edinburgh you can also utilise Midlux Chauffeurs services and take advantage of our executive chauffeuring or airport transfer services.

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