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5 Ways Midlux Chauffeurs Has Transformed Businesses

As a luxury private transport hire, Midlux Chauffeurs has provided a number of trusted solutions to businesses – enabling them to impress clients, hit deadlines, streamline costs and grow their organisation. See some of the ways in which we’ve transformed businesses, here:

#1 Helping Increase Staff Happiness

Putting on private car hire for your employees shows your staff that they’re appreciated and you have their wellbeing in mind. A private transfer can make all the difference, especially when staff are doing a lot of business travel – and catering for them in this way could lead to much higher staff retention rates. One of our key clients who benefits in this way include Travel Menorca Limited, who say: “Thank you so much for the efficient, courteous service on my recent journey back from Heathrow airport. After a long 12 hour flight, it was simply lovely to have a smartly dressed driver waiting for me in arrivals. I was swiftly on my way home in record time and I would definitely recommend your service to friends and family and will most certainly use you again in the future.”

#2 Plan Travel Logistics Efficiently

No more being late to key meetings and presentations! Using Midlux Chauffeurs will mean that you arrive everywhere on time. Our expert drivers’ local knowledge means they can navigate the quickest routes to get you from A-B efficiently. Plus you’ll save the waiting and transfer time that comes with public transport – allowing you to save valuable resources. Our client, Doncasters Inc, says: “the drivers are extremely courteous and knowledgeable about the best way to have our executives arrive at their destinations on time.”

#3 Adapt To Plans With Ease

With private car hire, your business is longer stuck to the strict and often inconvenient schedule of    public transport. If plans change, Midlux’s services can change with them – allowing your business to be completely flexible. This reliable resource means you might be able to meet a client’s last-minute needs, or scale quickly with short notice. Our satisfied customers include Alka Amin, who says: “Thank you for being flexible on the return journey timing, and making it happen at short notice. I will certainly be recommending Midlux to others.”

#4 Increase Your Reputation

When picking up clients and key stakeholders, Chauffeurs are acting as an extension of your own business – meaning it’s vital they present a good image. Midlux are proud to employ a team of trusted and professional drivers who will help increase the prestige of your company. This is reflected in the positive testimonials of many of our clients, including Brian Irvine from Dynamic-Materials: “The vehicles are always immaculate and the drivers courteous and professional – a first-class service all the way.”

#5 Save Costs & Resources

Midlux’s services mean that you don’t have to worry about owning a vehicle fleet yourself, or the costs that come with this. Our trusted cars can be hired at short notice, meaning there is never a need to own a vehicle to transport your team between locations. We offer affordable packages for businesses, tailored to your budget. Speak to our team today to find out more!

Hear From Our Happy Clients

At Midlux, we’re proud to build long-standing relationships with businesses across the UK, providing them with long-term trusted transport solutions. See some of our happy customers’ testimonials, here.

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