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Choosing the Right Wedding Transport

If you’re planning a wedding you might have booked the venue, key suppliers and possibly already found your perfect dress or outfit. Many couples don’t consider wedding care hire until closer to the big day, but it’s something important to factor in when you’re planning.

Here are some of our top tips on how different modes of wedding transport can fit with the overall theme of your wedding day, express your personality as a couple and delight your guests.

Do I need wedding transportation?

There could be several occasions throughout the day where you may need wedding transportation, especially if the wedding party are due to move between locations. As well as the happy couple there are likely to be other people in the wedding party that could need to be transported, and in some cases all of the guests will require transport. For large groups you could hire a coach and travel with all of your guests. If you will be moving to another location between the ceremony and reception, why not make an entrance as the new Mr & Mrs and arrive separately in a luxurious wedding car?

Tips for going by foot

Sometimes couples can lead all their guests from the ceremony to the next venue on foot. If it’s a short walk to the reception venue, it’s worth mentioning to guests if you intend to do this ahead of the big day – so that those wearing high heels don’t get caught out and can bring alternative footwear if they wish.

Wedding car hire that fits your venue

When it comes to wedding car hire it’s important to think about the type of ceremony you are having, a bride can arrive in style at a civil ceremony or a church service. There are lots of options when it comes to wedding transport, the traditional ribbon adorned classic car is a favourite among many of our happy couples and there are lots of different styles of car to choose from at Midlux Chauffeurs. You could opt for a classic vintage Rolls Royce Silver Cloud or a modern and luxurious Mercedes.

Alternative modes of wedding transport

Perhaps you’re looking for more alternative wedding transport, or even a green mode of transport, such as a tandem bicycle or a romantic horse and carriage. If you opt for either of these don’t forget it can be bumpy and windy if the carriage is open, so make sure you tell your hairdresser your transportation plans ahead of the big day. You will also need to consider your outfit if you choose to cycle, it’s worth speaking to your dressmaker in advance as they can put in some special and discreet fastenings so that the dress can be kept out of the way. If you wanted something quirky, how about a VW bus or a sports car? Is your venue near to the coast, or a lake? How about something really dramatic that will surprise your guests and arriving by boat? That could allow you to really make an entrance.

Something a bit different to end the night

Whether or not you choose to stay until the very end of the party, you have another opportunity to make a dramatic exit with your transportation – a final treat for your guests. How about a firework display as you travel away in an executive car down a long driveway? Or a helicopter ride straight to the airport ready to set off on your honeymoon? If you’re thinking about helicopter hire don’t forget to check if the venue has suitable grounds where a helicopter could land. Whatever you decide to do, you can be sure that your family and guests will be there to share in the enjoyment of your special day and give you a great send off.

Wedding car hire at Midlux Chauffeurs

As you can see there are lots of options when it comes to wedding transport and it’s up to you how you plan to arrive in style. It doesn’t matter where you’re planning to get married, at Midlux Chauffeurs we have everything you need for impressive wedding transport. You can choose between modern, classic and vintage cars. To find out more about chauffeur driven wedding cars or wedding car hire contact Midlux Chauffeurs on 01530 481797 or via the online contact form.

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