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Choosing Your Wedding Car

wedding car hireWhen choosing a wedding car what should you think of?

Traditionally, when thinking of a wedding you may picture a beautiful church, but as more generations grow older and get hitched the traditional wedding format is changing. Nowadays a rustic or informal wedding is becoming more popular which means the happy couple have a lot more freedom and can make their day exactly how they want. Arriving in style can really make your day that extra bit special, and choosing a wedding car to make that moment stand out creates memories that last a lifetime. Here are some tips on booking the right wedding car for a rustic wedding day. 

Rustic weddings and wedding cars

More recently weddings have seen a move from a church setting to the countryside being embraced. Often with a rustic wedding comes more freedom, with the independence to tailor the special day around the couple without any restrictions. When having a rustic themed or more laidback wedding, you are not restricted to one place. You can choose from the beautiful countryside, or somewhere that may be significant to you and your partner. When planning your dream wedding, of course you also want your dream wedding car, but is it always practical?

Classic wedding cars

What a lot of people disregard or do not consider is that classic cars are not very practical for a smooth, perfect ride. Furthermore, as they are vintage models, they don’t come with some of the technology we take for granted in more modern cars, including air conditioning. A reminder to always think about the time of year of your wedding when booking your wedding car. Some vintage cars also have quite small cramped space, especially if the bride is wearing a dress with lots of fabric, without modern comfortable seating – so it’s important to consider what you will be wearing too. 

Don’t miss that photo opportunity 

A wedding car is something many grooms and brides have thought about their whole life and having your dream car can make the day that extra bit special. One of the main reasons to hire a wedding car is for photos. Your wedding day will hold a lifetime worth of memories and photos to look back upon over the years. If you hire a wedding car you’ve dreamt of your whole life it’s important to capture the special and unique moments in and around your ideal wedding car that differentiate this day from every other day.  

Book your wedding car in advance 

To avoid feeling stressed about booking your wedding car remember to check the availability of cars, as wedding car companies are often booked up months in advance. Also know what time you will be using the car for, to give the company enough time to schedule you into their bookings. It is wise to hire the car for an hour or two longer than you may need incase your day isn’t running precisely to the timings you have carefully planned, as this can avoid last minute stress. 

Think about your wider wedding planning

Does your wedding fit a theme? As the wedding car can really compliment the setting and occasion if you have a certain theme throughout the day, or perhaps you can choose it to compliment you and your partner’s outfits. Less and less people are following the traditional guidelines when planning their weddings and in recent years weddings have become intensely personal. With wedding planners finding it easier than ever to be more creative, brides and grooms have more independence than ever in planning their perfect day. This gives the happy couple more freedom than ever to choose whichever wedding car they’ve always dreamed of. 

Should I book a wedding car if I am getting married at the same venue as the reception?

When people get married at the same venue as the reception often the bride or groom get ready locally, around their loved ones and meet at the venue. This is an ideal opportunity to rent a wedding car as you can arrive at the venue in style. If you’re getting married at the same venue as the reception, hiring a wedding car is still something you should strongly consider as you can arrive how you have always dreamed of, on the best day of your life.

Book your wedding transport today

Get peace of mind by securing your dream wedding car for your chosen date today! To find out more about our wedding car hire get in touch or call us on 01530 481787. At Midlux Chauffeurs, we have everything you need for an impressive and unique wedding experience and strive to deliver a magical touch to your big day.


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