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Five reasons to hire a wedding car

At Midlux Chauffeurs we understand that weddings can be expensive events, but it’s important to hire a wedding car for your special day. We can help you find that unique and affordable wedding vehicle that creates memories to cherish forever! Below are a few reasons why booking a wedding car makes your big day unforgettable.

  1. No ordinary day, no ordinary transport 

Arriving in style is what can really make your day feel that extra bit special. Choosing a luxurious wedding car to make that moment unique will guarantee happy memories that last a lifetime. Make sure your wedding day stands out from every other day and book a modern or vintage wedding car.

  1. Create once in a lifetime memories

There is nothing more romantic than coming out of a church or your wedding venue to the perfect wedding car. Make the day stand out from the rest, and let your guests enjoy looking at a beautiful classic car or a unique modern wedding vehicle. The entire wedding will have a romantic touch when the happy couple stylishly take a seat into the leather interior and sit back and enjoy the wedding drive with a glass of champagne!

  1. Photo opportunities

We all know that lots of photos are taken on a wedding day, pictures to cherish that capture those special moments forever. Having a unique and luxurious wedding car can make the difference to your wedding album, whether the happy couple pose inside or outside the vehicle or on the journey to or from the venue. Capture these moments in a photograph and remember those special private moments forever. Imagine your wedding day with some fantastic pictures of you and your partner in front of a beautiful vintage wedding car. Make the most of the vehicle – almost all photographers use the wedding car as a backdrop for pictures, to enhance the unique atmosphere that you have chosen for your big day.

  1. Car speed creates an atmosphere

You probably haven’t even thought about it, but your car speed can create a beautiful and romantic ambiance. Whether you are being driven from the church or town hall, travelling comfortably in an old vintage car or luxury modern vehicle creates a unique mood. You will never get to relive this moment, so soak it all in whilst travelling in a luxurious and comfortable wedding car. Vintage and pre-war cars often have a maximum speed of between 25 and 40 mph, so bear in mind it will take longer to reach your destination than if you went for a Mercedes, Jaguar or Bentley.

  1. Champagne – the finishing touch

Here at Midlux Chauffeurs we can offer champagne or sparkling wine as part of the service. No matter what your favourite tipple, you should certainly not miss the opportunity to toast this romantic moment with a glass of bubbly.

Book your wedding transport today!

At Midlux Chauffeurs we promise to deliver a magical touch to your dream wedding day. Book your luxurious wedding car for your chosen date today! To find out more about our wedding car hire call us on 01530 481787 or book here today.

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