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Four Reasons To Hire Chauffeur Driven Travel For Your Business

As the world adjusts to living with COVID, here at Midlux Chauffeurs we have taken practical steps to ensure that all of our chauffeur drivers follow correct safety procedures, for both our business clients and themselves. Read how investing in a chauffeur service can benefit your business.

1. Cost Effective Business Travel

Despite the perceived price connotations of luxury travel, chauffeur services can be very cost effective – particularly when your employees are travelling a lot. You may be surprised that longer distance chauffeur journeys can be comparable to the same journey cost on public transport. Furthermore, our clients save money on costs incurred from company vehicles – like petrol, parking, car tax and maintenance. Booking a train journey post pandemic can be costly (especially if it’s last minute) and doesn’t guarantee your team a seat where they could focus on a meeting they are preparing for, check their emails or most importantly relax.

2. Increase Your Business Reputation

Chauffeur solutions convey a sense of pride and prestige amongst businesses that utilise them. Impress staff, clients and potential investors alike with stylish cars from our luxury fleet and efficient transport solutions that are available whenever needed. Grow your businesses’ standing and reputation, as well as increase your credibility with potential clients by hiring a chauffeur for your next important meeting or making the right first impression.

3. Reliable Transport Provider

Our chauffeur services are highly reliable compared to the unpredictable world of public transport. Our business chauffeur would arrive and deliver you to your destination promptly and can flexibly detour the route if there’s any traffic issues. We’re also covered against maintenance issues, in the unlikely event there’s any problem with one of our chauffeur vehicles another car would be dispatched so you will never find yourself out of action because of transport. Unlike other modes of business travel, Midlux Chauffeurs do not charge additional fees to change the date, time, location or number of passengers booked on your trip if the vehicle isn’t changing.

4. COVID Safe Business Travel

We continue to take the highest precautionary measures to ensure our valued customers and drivers are protected and have peace of mind whilst travelling with us. Since the first outbreak of COVID in the UK we are proud that we have had no COVID infections whilst any of our clients or drivers have been travelling with Midlux. Unlike public transport travelling privately allows your business to choose how many people use the vehicle you would like to hire. This not only gives you control, but also peace of mind for your employees that the number of people they will encounter will be kept to a minimum.

Post-COVID Travel Safety Measures

We continue to take a responsible approach towards minimising the risk of infection and trying to stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus and thank you for your continued support. For your assurance Midlux Chauffeurs follow the latest government recommendations and closely monitor the situation, and as such we regularly modify our guidelines to prevent the spread.

Book A Business Chauffeur Today!

Private chauffeur hire makes it safe for your business to keep moving. Choose Midlux Chauffeurs to safely support your travel needs, simply book online or speak to one of the team on 01530481797 to find out more about our range of experienced business chauffeur solutions. We look forward to transporting you or your team on their next luxury chauffeur journey.

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