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How to save money on your wedding transportation

wedding carWedding Transport on a Budget

Sometimes planning a wedding doesn’t feel very affordable, especially with hidden costs you may have overlooked when originally setting a budget. Often wedding budgets focus on big items like the venue, food and drinks or outfits and you may have forgotten to factor in seemingly less obvious expenses. If your transportation wishlist doesn’t fit your budget, don’t panic we have a few tips on how to save money on wedding transportation.

Venue is key

Between the ceremony to reception transport, shuttling guests around and that impossibly cool and glamorous getaway car to make a statement, transportation costs can quickly add up. There are so many factors to consider when choosing your venue, and proximity should most definitely be one of them. To strategically save on wedding transportation costs, try to select a ceremony site that’s both close and convenient to your reception venue and guest accommodations. Or better yet, find a venue that offers space for the ceremony, reception and accommodation all under one roof. If you’re lucky enough to find an all-in-one space, you’ll be able to eliminate a significant amount of transportation costs and tedious and sometimes stressful logistical planning for the day.

Think about what’s important to you as a couple

When it comes to saving money on wedding transportation, don’t be afraid to take a “less is more” approach. Rather than arranging transportation for your entire guest list, try booking a fun mode of transport for the wedding party. Large-scale options like a party bus or tractor pulling a trailer can be a good way to make your money stretch further, whilst also fun and sociable for guests. When booking wedding day transportation keep in mind that, in general, the bigger the vehicle, the better the value. Larger vehicles that can hold a whole group of people will often be more economical than booking several small cars that can only seat a few. If you’re working with an extra tight budget, simply organise a special car for the happy couple, as long as you clearly communicate plans and logistics to the guests before the event they won’t mind and have time to organise their own transportation. You are the VIPs for the day, and they are there to celebrate you both!

Ask yourself if you really need pre-ceremony wedding transport?

If you do plan to arrange transportation for everyone on the wedding day, don’t feel added pressure to shuttle guests from different locations to the ceremony site. More than likely, many guests will be arriving from a different location. Just make sure to include clear directions and parking instructions for the ceremony location, so each one of your guests can arrive without a glitch or hassle.

Think outside the box

Every couple wants an impressive getaway car, so get creative with your grand exit and consider other options that fit within your wedding theme, location and venue but still make a statement. We love unique options like a vintage cab for city weddings, a golf cart for country club events, a boat for seaside celebrations or a moped for destination affairs. Do any of your loved ones have a classic car you could use for a photo moment as a generous gift for the day?

Ask an expert

You could save money by speaking to an expert in wedding transportation. Don’t be afraid to state your budget to a wedding transportation company to see what they can do within those budget parameters. Do it yourself wedding transportation may be tempting, but if you hire a wedding transportation company they can help eliminate the stress and complication of logistics for the day and they may suggest a wedding transport solution that ticks all your boxes but also offers the best value for money.

Plan ahead

Good wedding transportation companies will almost always be booked up far in advance, since they are higher in demand. As soon as you have your date or venue booked secure your wedding transportation, and who knows if it’s far enough ahead the wedding transportation company may offer you a discount if it’s looking like a quiet time for them. It’s always worth an ask!

Think about the date

Peak wedding season often means that suppliers are fully booked or every weekend is booked up far in advance, so why not think about a less popular time of year  or a weekday to get married and you might bag a wedding car hire bargain. It might also mean a wedding car company may have some wedding vehicles available to hire at a more competitive price.

Book your wedding transport today!

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