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The Advantages Of Chauffeur-Driven Travel In The Current Climate

The Advantages Of Chauffeur-Driven Travel In The Current Climate

At Midlux Chauffeurs we take our passenger and driver’s health and safety seriously. Public transport can be the ideal place for respiratory diseases, such as Coronavirus, to spread and while there are many precautions public transport users can take before travel, nothing is safer than travelling privately in the comfort of a luxury chauffeur driven vehicle. As many staff return to the workplace and international businesses are starting to slowly get back to normal, concerns regarding future travel plans remain at the forefront of everyone’s minds. To help provide some peace of mind we have listed the benefits of using Midlux Chauffeurs for all your essential travel requirements during these worrying times.

1. Chauffeur Travel Is The Safest Form Of Travel

Unlike public transport travelling privately allows you to choose how many people use the vehicle you would like to hire. This not only gives you control, but also peace of mind that the number of people you will come into contact with will be kept to a minimum – unlike crowded buses, trains, trams or taxis. Whether you are travelling alone, or as a couple or a slightly larger group, Midlux Chauffeurs can cater for your travel needs safely and help reduce the risk of infection. Whether you choose to open up your laptop and take advantage of the free Wi-Fi available in our executive fleet or sit back and relax the space inside the vehicle is exclusively for you – the choice is up to you.

2. Cost Effective Travel

If you are a regular public transport user you may think that a luxury chauffeur service is too expensive or out of your price range, but in fact chauffeur services are extremely affordable. Midlux Chauffeurs also take the worry out of your journey; with no petrol, insurance, multiple public transport changes or parking worries you can focus on your destination and not the stress of travel. Just thinking about travel can be stressful enough, at Midlux Chauffeurs we are always prepared for the unexpected, whether it is a last-minute change in route, traffic or weather, so you can sit back in the comfort and safety of one of our luxury vehicles and qualified and professional drivers.

3. Reliability

When you use public transport it can be difficult to ensure that you arrive on time and at the right destination, this can be stress inducing and unsettling if you are travelling for a business trip or an appointment which you cannot afford to be late for. At Midlux Chauffeurs our professional chauffeur service ensures you will always arrive on time and in style for any occasion or journey. Notify your driver of any changes or a preferred route, whether you have a deadline to meet or whatever best suits you.

4. 24/7 Door To Door Service

We understand that many face-to-face meetings or events are being cancelled at the moment, and you may want to limit the time you spend in crowded and new areas, but sometimes this can’t be helped. Whether you are arranging meetings, sales conferences, visiting customers or booking a vacation to end the prolonged lockdown fatigue our professional chauffeur service will pick you up right from your front door and drop you as close to your drop-off destination as possible, limiting the risk of being exposed to large or new groups. We understand that in these unprecedented times even a short journey can feel risky – we also cater for shorter trips, such as hospital chauffeurs and shopping trip chauffeurs.

5. Public Transport Restrictions

Public transport is still running throughout the country, but with limited capacity in places. With the latest advice from the Government that people should return to work where possible, rather than working from home, major cities and stations across the UK are becoming increasingly unsafe. At Midlux Chauffeurs we are taking extra precautionary measures to ensure that the standard of our vehicles enables our customers to have peace of mind whilst travelling on them, as usual our fleet is maintained to the highest cleanliness standards, and we are including additional measures such as regular cleaning of high touch points. Our teams have been trained to carry out a risk assessment before each chauffeur journey and are following best practices, which include hand washing and sanitizing the vehicles before and after every client pick-up or drop-off.

6. International Travel

As with most elements of life international travel has also been severely impacted by the pandemic, however, as some countries have lifted restrictions so that airlines can resume their flying schedule Midlux Chauffeurs are here to safely welcome you back. If you are planning on flying, we would be delighted to provide you with one of our premium or executive chauffeured cars for your airport transfer.

7. Spacious Vehicles

All of our vehicles are spacious and luxurious, which allows for extensive social distancing between our drivers and passengers. We have vehicles that can carry up to seven passengers and luggage. It may mean that for more than one passenger our Mercedes V-Class is the most suitable carrier to maintain minimal contact and sufficient distance between passengers and our chauffeur driver.

8. Safety First – What Midlux Chauffeurs Are Doing

The health, safety and wellbeing of our clients and drivers is a primary focus as we continue to provide our services to our clients for all their essential travel needs. We have implemented strict chauffeur and vehicle hygiene procedures, which you can read about in more detail here and we encourage all passengers to consider wearing their own face coverings. While we continue to provide our services, we ask all our clients make sure they are not exhibiting symptoms of Coronavirus. Your driver will be operating social distancing and we request that all clients respect and adhere to the same precautionary measures where possible. At this time, we have asked our drivers to refrain from making physical contact with our clients, such as shaking hands, to reduce unnecessary contact and all of our executive drivers have access to their own mask should this be required for your journey.

Reduce The Risk: Book A Safe Journey With Your Midlux Chauffeur Driver Today

While we fully endorse plans to keep the risk of spreading COVID-19 to a minimum, if you have essential travel requirements consider Midlux Chauffeurs to safely support you over the coming months. If you would like to book a hassle-free journey online, we offer a range of experienced chauffeur solutions that will keep you, your business and your team moving safely. Alternatively, get in touch today on 01530481797 to find out more about our safe executive chauffeur services and reserve your travel date.

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