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The Difference Between A Taxi & Chauffeur Service

There are many problems with the reliability of taxis and lift sharing companies. Cancelled journeys, delayed pick-ups, hiked prices…all of these can be avoided with a chauffeured journey. Our experienced chauffeurs have spent years building their reputation as a trusted service, meaning you can have complete peace of mind when you book with us.


With a chauffeur, you have your own personal driver – unlike a taxi which services huge numbers of customers every day. This bespoke service means that you have complete flexibility – your driver can take you anywhere you choose and make as many pick-up and drop-offs as needed along the way. If you’re hiring a chauffeur for a special event, such as a wedding, then your driver will arrive early – making sure you travel hassle-free and don’t feel any rush or pressure to get to your destination.


The interior of a chauffeur driven car is completely different to the normal back of a taxi. Our pristine car seats are made from high quality leather and feature high-spec accessories. We have a range of extras to make your journey special including onboard WiFi, air conditioning, bottled water and child seats.


For many businesses, a good impression is vital for customers, suppliers, employees and stakeholders alike. Chauffeur driven vehicles are luxury models, designed to look stunning and drive beautifully. At Midlux, our extensive fleet includes premium vehicles like the Mercedes V-Class, E-Class and the elegant Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud. Make your business stand out and ensure your reputation stays at the top of your industry with our prestigious cars.


Customer Service
There is a significant difference in the level of customer service you can expect to receive from a taxi and a chauffeur. A taxi driver’s main role is to take you from A-Z, whereas a chauffeur’s role is to provide an experience. For a chauffeur, the journey is just as important as the destination and the attention you receive in this time reflects that.


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