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The Benefits of a Local Courier Service

Are you sending something larger than a parcel? Or sensitive and urgent documents? Or perhaps an important gift? Then our bespoke courier service is ideal for your small business or personal parcel delivery needs. Whether it’s a one-off important parcel or a regular professional courier service you require, Midlux Chauffeurs can take care of it all. We provide the flexibility and customer service that so many larger firms cannot compete with.

As a local courier, we’ll ensure your parcel arrives safely and on time. Here are some of the benefits you can enjoy by outsourcing your courier services to Midlux Chauffeurs rather than other national delivery companies.

1. Streamline your business shipping costs

2020 presented us with some unique challenges, and as we welcome a fresh start to the New Year COVID-19 is certainly not behind us. More than ever there is pressure on businesses to streamline and cut costs. At Midlux Chauffeurs we understand businesses are getting leaner and more efficient by the day and operational efficiency is key to the continued success of a company. Whether it is B2C or B2B businesses, evaluating your shipping methods starts when things get costly. Managing shipping in-house involves managing drivers and maintaining a fleet of vehicles – on top of the logistics involved. Outsourcing your professional courier service is one way to improve efficiency and enables you to focus on your core business. It also means you can make savings on vehicle expenses that include fuel, maintenance and repair costs. Outsourcing to a courier further helps reduce costs, as you don’t need to hire personnel to operate the parcel delivery service. This has a positive impact on productivity, efficiency, and overall profitability!

2. Same day courier service

Whether you are a small firm, an independent contractor or just want to send a thank you gift a private courier will get your parcel to its destination safely and on time. Now more than ever juggling work, family and personal time leaves little time (and patience) for standing in long queues at the post office during its opening hours. Our guaranteed same day local courier service is just one of the many benefits of choosing a private courier over Royal Mail or other traditional shipping methods.

3. Weekend courier

At Midlux our courier service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, meaning you have complete flexibility to deliver that last minute parcel or document, or your firm can guarantee the continuous shipping of products to your clients. Your customers, therefore, are not limited to making and receiving orders within your company’s operational hours. Your business could make considerable savings by using Midlux versus having to pay delivery agents an overtime fee if they operate beyond their contractual hours. Now more than ever speed and professionalism are key to a company’s success – at Midlux we know that fast and safe parcel deliveries, available seven days a week, can boost your customer’s confidence in your brand.

4. Low-cost courier collection

As always Midlux offers great value for money with our private courier service. Sending sensitive materials quickly through traditional methods can be steep, as well as inconvenient. With Midlux’s courier service we can ship your parcel without postal package regulations and therefore avoiding additional fees. We always use a per-mile or flat-rate payment option that keeps prices low and offer discounted rates to regular customers. Speak to the team today to find out more about our affordable courier services.

5. Speedy parcel courier

What makes Midlux’s courier service so great is our speed – in both our response to our clients’ needs and in our delivery service. At a time when promptness is essential, you can rest assured knowing that what you need to send will be transported as quickly and efficiently as possible. That added speed means higher customer satisfaction, and so an ability to spread your brand awareness more quickly. And what do those two things add up to? More customers! And of course – new and satisfied customers mean increased revenue.

6. Local courier

With national and larger companies your package often travels and sits in a warehouse floor until a predetermined time that alerts an employee to find and arrange sending it. With local couriers like Midlux we offer same-day delivery within the Leicestershire, Birmingham, Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire and the Midlands region and sometimes beyond. This is critical for businesses, delivering sensitive documents but also on the occasion you are sending a last-minute important gift.

7. Reliable courier service

There are many reasons why packages are shipped, but at Midlux we understand the most important thing that matters to the sender and the recipient is that it arrives undamaged and on time. Compared to traditional shipping companies our courier service offers a personal delivery service. We manage every aspect of your parcel delivery with personal accountability, ensuring the safe delivery of all goods, and cover any cost to lost or damaged packages.

Arrange a parcel courier today!

Depending on your delivery service needs, we tailor our courier service to suit your requirements. For an instant quote simply book online or speak to one of the Midlux team today on 01530481797 to arrange a private courier service.

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