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Top Reasons to Hire a Chauffeur Service

When you’re in Leicester or the surround areas, you might want to hire a car to ride around in for a night out, to transfer you to and from the airport, or just to avoid the need to drive in an unfamiliar area. Midlux Chauffeurs are perfect for all three, and our chauffeurs prove time and time again the importance of customer service. Our Chauffeurs are trained and always on top of our clients needs, follow our top reasons why you should hire a chauffeur.

Chauffeurs are Discreet

We know the sensitivity of your business, and we know how to prevent you from becoming annoyed with our service. Rather than make repeated calls to alert you of our arrival at the end of a business dinner or conference, our team of professional chauffeurs alerts our customers we’ve arrived in a discreet manner. We want you to know we are present, but we don’t want you interrupted at any point.

Chauffeurs are Local Pros

Do you want to know where to go for dinner or what places to avoid on a Friday night? Do you want to know which hotel has the best rooms and which local mom-and-pop restaurant serves the best breakfast? We know it all, and we’re happy to show you around our area with an expert flair. We’ll take the scenic route when you request it; we’ll even make stops for you to take photos and enjoy the view, we are pros when it comes to guiding you through our cities.

Chauffeurs Have Extensive Training

Drivers have licenses. Chauffeurs also have training. A chauffeur is trained on how to keep you safe, what to do in case of an emergency, and how to provide you with the best, most comfortable ride no matter the conditions on the road. Your comfort and safety are our number one priority.

Chauffeurs Go the Extra Mile

Our chauffeurs ensure that our luxurious vehicles are impeccable, in perfect shape to pick you up, they will greet you at the airport and help you with your luggage whenever it is necessary. They will always be courteous and professional and able to offer you any advice on our beautiful area.

Chauffeurs Personalise your Experience

Drivers have one job. To get you from the pick-up point to where you need to go. Chauffeurs are trained to offer you the best experience. From the moment you meet our chauffeur to the moment you reach your destination, you will know that your ride is being handled by a highly trained professional that not only takes care of the driving but puts your comfort and safety first.

Do you want to have a quick tour of the city, see a specific location, or take the scenic route? We personalise your experience, so you can have a personalized tour or drive suited to you and your desires. We don’t just take you from here to there.

Chauffeurs Value Safety and Comfort

Our number one priority is keeping you safe and comfortable. We account for traffic conditions, we avoid heavy traffic when possible so that you always arrive on time, and we ensure that you are always relaxed, safe and comfortable when driven by Midlux Chauffeurs.

Our professional chauffeurs are the best you can get when it comes to ground transportation. Their job is to take you anywhere you need to be on time with safety, professionalism, and comfort as their main concerns.

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