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Why Should Your Business Invest In Chauffeur Services?

Chauffeur and private hire services are increasingly popular, and many businesses are now looking to invest in flexible chauffeur and transport management services. Last year there were 291,800 licensed taxis and private hire vehicle (PHV) in England.*

Chauffeur services provide so much more than just a private car.

Find out how the investment can benefit your business.

Get A Return On Your Investment With Chauffeur Hire

1. Team Mobility

Ensure all of your team can be on the road and accessible to clients at all times, even those who don’t hold a driving licence.

2. Cost Saving

Save money on public transport and the costs incurred from company vehicles – like petrol, parking, car tax and maintenance. Train ticket prices have increased again in 2020. On 2 January 2020 rail fares rose on average by 2.7%** and booking a journey last minute for work purposes can be costly and doesn’t guarantee your team a seat – where they could focus on a meeting they are preparing for or check their emails.

3. Multiple Locations

A contract with professional chauffeurs means that you can service an unlimited amount of offices at any given time, all without the hassle of having to keep cars parked between various locations.

4. Flexible Travel

Unlike other modes of busines travel, Midlux Chauffeurs do not charge additional fees to change the date, time, location or number of passengers booked on your trip if the vehicle isn’t changing.

5. Brand Reputation

You can’t put a price on first impressions and prestige! See your brand reputation and credibility increase when you employ a chauffeur.

6. Employee Wellbeing

Removing your employees from behind the wheel frees up essential travel time to catch up on emails, make notes, listen to podcasts or importantly relax.

7. Chauffeur Hire Safety

Unlike public transport travelling privately allows your business to choose how many people use the vehicle you would like to hire. This not only gives you control, but also peace of mind for your employees that the number of people they will encounter will be kept to a minimum.  Private chauffeur hire makes it safe for your business to keep moving during a pandemic.  Read about the extra precautionary measures Midlux Chauffeurs are taking to ensure that our fleet is maintained to the highest cleanliness standards here.

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Midlux Chauffeurs offers a range of luxury chauffeur services in Leicester, Birmingham, the Midlands and throughout the UK. To find out the different ways that your business could benefit from chauffeur services call 01530481797 to speak to one of the team or enquire  online.


* https://www.gov.uk/government/statistics/taxi-and-private-hire-vehicle-statistics-england-2019

** https://www.nationalrail.co.uk/times_fares/ticket_types/83871.aspx

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